UwU coin

UwU coin

WAX blockchain meme coin

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The UwU token has a total supply of 999.000.000 tokens

The token distribution will be:



Introducing UWU, the cutest meme token on the WAX blockchain! It's more than just a cryptocurrency, it's a purrfectly adorable way to express your love for memes and all things uwu!

With a fluffy cat as its mascot, UWU brings a smile to your face without any utility attached - just pure meme magic! Get ready to dive into the world of crypto with a sprinkle of kitty cuteness!


On March 17, 2024, the sale of NFTs takes place on Neftyblocks for a limited time!

The snapshot takes place on April 30, 2024, the tokens will be distributed among the holders!


20 WAX
25.3k tokens


40 WAX
57.7k tokens


65 WAX
102k tokens


100 WAX
203k tokens + NFT

Enter in the Bountyblock airdrop

Stakers list

The 100 wallets with the highest stake in the Alcor pool will regularly receive NFTs from the collection


Make the kitten live happy and get your rewards everyday, on April 30th the claim button will be displayed!

If you have the 4 NFTs, a x2 bonus will be applied to you

500 UwU day
1000 UwU day
1500 UwU day
3000 UwU day